Teams Backgrounds and Multi Windows Support in Azure Virtual Desktop

This month brings some great updates to AVD Teams integration in the form of Multi-window support and the ability to use Background Effects.

I will be quickly touching on how to enable these features and demoing what they look like.

Background Effects

One of the most anticipated features in AVD is finally here in GA. Teams background effects. This was initially released as GA at the beginning of the year but then rolled back due to issues.

However, Microsoft has now fixed the issues and it is back!

This is a godsend for a lot of consumers of AVD. The inability to add backgrounds/effects to video meetings was a significant issue with many users. During meetings not having the ability to blur out your background seemed to cause quite an issue.

I know from experience the number of negative comments we received due to the omission of this feature.

But now it’s here and works a treat.

Multi-window Support

The second feature is multi-window support in the AVD Teams Client. The original implementation of the AVD Teams client seems to share more of its DNA with the Web client than the fully functioning desktop client.

One of the main problems with the AVD Teams client was the lack of any multi-window support. All interactions with Teams were done through a single window.

This meant pop-out chat was absent. As were separate windows when making calls.

Whilst far from the worst issue it did seem to devalue the AVD Teams client when compared to its desktop big brother.

However, worry no more. We now have the ability to have pop out chats, and separate windows for calls and meetings.

2 Windows! Inside AVD!


The best part of this is it requires no additional configuration for AVD itself.

You just need to make sure your AVD session hosts are running the specified versions of the Teams and the WebRTC Redirector.

The required applications and versions are below:

AVD Session Hosts

Teams Desktop Client version

The 64-bit version is available here:

Teams Client

Remote Desktop WebRTC Redirector Service version 1.1.2110.16001 or higher

The newest version is available here:

WebRTC Redirector Service

Client Machines

On the client machines, we need to make sure the Remote Desktop Client is version 1.2.3004 or higher.

If you meet all these requirements, you will get additional Multi-Window support and access to Background effects in Video calls/meetings.

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